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Boston Glass Decor

Boston Glass Decor, founded in 2008, is an innovative and pioneering company in manufacturing XXL images unalterable vitreous support. It uses its own technology developed specifically for the purpose of offering a product that can create completely custom, unique and unchanging over time environments. Unites the excellent physical properties of glass (clean, hygienic, durable, etc) and digital printing technology to achieve a product that expands the possibilities for decorating any space.

An important team of technicians and designers work closely with architects and interior designers, eliminating barriers and expanding the boundaries of imagination and creativity. Internationally we operate in fairs and prestigious events like Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Sao Paulo, Moscow and Dubai, in the world of carpet and decor. Boston Glass Decor offers a fully consolidated and fully guaranteed product, backed by hundreds of projects in more than 60 countries on five continents.

Taking advantage of the well known crystal esthetic and functional qualities, Boston Glass Decor used as support 100% recycled glass and inks specifically formulated to be fused with it. The result is an unalterable image with digital definition, color range and durability. A product resistant to sunlight exposure, scratch and abrasion of household chemicals.

Given its characteristics, the Boston Glass Decor product is entirely suitable for use in both, indoor and outdoor.





Technical Aspects

Boston Glass Decor fits any size or shape to cover all the needs of customization.


Simplicity and

Creating environments and unique spaces for your home or your business.

Strong and

Unalterable Colors, Resistance to thermal shock, chemicals…

Attractive Visual

Daring and provocative blend to create personal and entertaining spaces.

The only limits for putting your imagination

More choice, fewer limitations. Maximum design possibilities.

Boston Glass Decor

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